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Our Services

We provide home visits and telehealth support for terminally ill clients in New York State. Our team helps terminally ill individuals and their families navigate this delicate path, exploring options for both pain/symptom management, and a peaceful exit for those who desire.

In depth consultation for people with terminal illness.
Expert level management of pain and other physical symptoms at all stages
24/7 availability for symptom control and other urgent needs.
Evaluation of eligibility for end of life care options such as hospice or voluntarily stopping eating and drinking.
Ongoing emotional support for patients and families.
Therapeutic counseling and guided meditation/imagery for those who desire.
High-level coordination with all care providers including hospice and care facilities.
In-home attendance by experienced clinicians on the day of death, to support patient and family.
Assistance with cremation/funeral arrangements and other planning.
Bereavement support for families.

Our Fees

Please contact us directly regarding your particular situation and we will discuss payment options with you.

Doctor and Patient
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