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About Us

What is Quiĕtus?

Quiĕtus comes from the Medieval Latin word quiētus, implying a sense of stillness, eternal rest, and release from the turmoil of life. At Quiĕtus our mission is to empower the terminally ill to regain control over their own lives and deaths.

Who is on the Quiĕtus team?

We are a Nurse Practitioner and Licensed Clinical Social Worker who have years of experience in hospice and palliative care and have guided many patients and families throughout the dying process. Feel free to contact us directly for further information and to discuss next steps.



There are many organizations throughout the country and around the world advocating for the individual’s right to choose the time, date, and manner of their own death. We support all of their efforts and strive to be part of this movement. The following links will provide you with more information and resources:

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