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Dignity and Support at End of Life

Concierge Palliative Care Services for New Yorkers

Our Mission

We believe that every adult with a terminal illness has the right to determine the time, date, and manner of their own death.  We aim to provide the highest level of skilled support to those who are treading the path towards death, helping to minimize physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual, or existential suffering, and to retain dignity and control over their life and their death. 

Our Services

We provide home visits and telehealth support for terminally ill clients in New York State. Our team helps terminally ill individuals and their families navigate this delicate path, exploring options for both pain/symptom management, and a peaceful exit for those who desire.



There are many organizations throughout the country and around the world advocating for the individual’s right to choose the time, date, and manner of their own death. We support all of their efforts and strive to be part of this movement.


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